Muhumuza has substantially influenced the realization of the significant role of a Personal assistant and publicist in the elite world of personalities and corporate branding across East Africa. In 2021, he founded Bryan Morel Publications (BMP) platform. They assist personalities and companies in ranking high for their target audiences. Outside of his busy days, Bryan Morel remains a creative writer who is passionate about charity work, music, travel, and blogging as lifelines throughout his livelihood. He looks up to Yvette Noel-Schure, a publicist for Beyoncé.


Bryan Morel has registered depressive episodes with isolation, anxiety, and psychic pain across and beyond Covid-19 tribulations. A good story is that he offered a delivery point for essential households to his clients using a motorcycle to counter this effect. He made it through. The puzzle with stardom is that you will never know when your prime is. So far, Muhumuza's journey parts are contrasting, behavioral, chilly, and solution-oriented. He thus looks to instil a ray of hope, motivation, and courage to convey the message to never give up and to try till our last breath.


Family and Early Life

Muhumuza was born on 04th August 1993 to M.r Muhumuza Abel and M.s Jovia Kyarimpa.

With a life story that reminisces a dream of discovery, it was bolstered after his father's death in a motor accident when he was 7 months old. Muhumuza grew up under the humble guardianship but strict instigation of Yowath Mugizi Bishanga, an uncle.

His siblings are Prim Ahumuza, Doreen Arinda, Annabel Nuwarinda, Oliviath Namugerwa, and Reagan Mugerwa.



Bryan Morel went to Lyakisana Primary School, St. Gonzaga SS, and Sseke SS.

In 2013, he enrolled at Makerere University for an honorary Project Planning and Management course.

Bryan Morel’s lifelong pursuit of self-improvement began at a young age.

At school, he organized cognitive debates, alumni conferences, and talent shows which suggest innate potential, academia, and early experience bestowed upon a neophyte. Superfluous!

It was worth taking a step forward for Bryan Morel to apply for an internship at the Banda Community ICT hub in September 2015. He majored in aesthetic Positive Living and Youth-led development.



Core values of safety, patriotism, spirituality, sustainability, humility, compassion, and adaptability guide Bryan Morel's overall disposition.

Muhumuza (a Christian) sees his style and character as a continuous journey through the political, social, and emotional upheavals that shape his persona.

Crystalline humour is perhaps a source of delight and awe.

 Muhumuza (a Christian) interprets his style and character as a continuous journey amidst the political, societal, and emotional lurches onto experiences that shape his persona.

Crystalline humor is perhaps a source of delight and awe.

The major catalysts in Bryan Morel's persona coupled with music sensibility and warm charisma are apparent empathy, motivation, and perseverance.


Youth Diplomacy

Youth Diplomat is about developing 21st-century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, and media literacy while strengthening knowledge of international relations and affairs.

In such a process, Bryan Morel has made friends, trans versed the world,

and discovered career options while networking with global industry leaders.

  • 29th August 2022

Accepted as a Ugandan youth ambassador at United Nations Best Diplomats simulation conference in Thailand Bangkok Themed Crafting Future Leaders in the Post-Pandemic Era.

  • 22-25th September 2022 Attended the 6th International Youth Conference organized by Generation Next - Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui, City of Cambridge, United Nations Department of Global Communications, and UN-Habitat.

These are worldwide opportunities for researchers, academicians, and organizations working on sustainability and climate action to showcase their research and dedication toward the 2023 Sustainable development Goals (SDGs).


Bryan Morel Academics

Bryan Morel’s lifetime bequest has progressed into an idea of Bryan Morel Academics – an online school facility to mentor and graduates Public Relations matter experts running on both traditional and modern syllabi. This globe-traversing enrichment initiative champions students to fully develop their God-given talents and provide the right jobs for the present and the future.

Kyarimpa Cares

The reality of human life experiencing trauma or severe life stressors gets uncommon for victims to unravel.


Upon discovery of the inadequate giving culture, Bryan Morel was inspired by this matrix to start Kyarimpa Cares, a non-profit mobilization aimed at philanthropy consciousness.

He serves dinner to his neighbourhood every thanksgiving.


He mobilizes fellow youth and Goodwill ambassadors to think boldly and keep eyes on transformation, actionable solutions, and pragmatic equity in education, health, climate, and human rights that transcend proximal borders.


From the International Youth Conference (IYC), Muhumuza has been able to enhance awareness, knowledge, and skills to empower fellow youth in Uganda to take more action and activism toward sustainable development goals (SDGs).


He intends to create a safe place where his memories can live in perpetuity, separate from his physical body, as part of the collective memory on a quest to find his ultimate purpose while on earth.